Monday, October 18, 2010

A ghost of a painting

So far. I know, I know-it looks like a return to my old ways. But I've only just started it..and it takes around three years for ply to take the paint. I don't really like it, but I just have to keep soldering on as I have SO LITTLE done! I now find it impossible to work during the day at all and I don't really get time anyway...but I'm afraid of the dark (I'm a loser!), so it's not cool! In other news, I've also been taking advantage of my family and friends (who are one and the same really) and forcing them to pose/model hats...I love Chris for his vast array of angles and as for Gerry...I think he should wear animal head hats all the time!


  1. Gerry needs to forget about the cowboy hat and go to animals. Suits him better. Rawr..

  2. ^^ He has needed to forget about that hat for a long time.

    How come I wasn't asked Sarah? I find this offensive. I may have both a general aversion to photographs and be quite un-photogenic when I do manage to get in one, still its nice to be asked :P

  3. Rob....dear Rob...will you pose for a photograph? Nothing tacky, I swear. (Unless you want to earn a few bob...?)
    There, now I've asked you!

    Seanna, I concur!