Saturday, December 11, 2010

He's got the whole world in his hand

There seems to be some kind of debate going on with my friends over who the film Con Air belongs to...I should probably say Rob as Jenny doesn't have a I watched it a couple of weeks ago to see what all the fuss was about and was inspired once more to reference the beautiful Steve Buscemi. The scene where he talks about driving through two states while wearing a girls head as a hat was the inspiration behind this painting! The actual legend it's based on is about how once upon a time the world was in darkness because the mouse kept all the light in the world to himself. One day a seagull tricked him and let out all the light...thus why the mouse is always crying-he wants his light back.


  1. more examples of ur brilliance Sarah, dont ever doubt urself, honestly because u are extremely talented not just at painting but in communicating what it all means to you, with your animals and people, its like they have souls they never look like paintings trapped on a flat surface. Their alive, and warm and inviting.... hahaha everything a lovers bed should be, ah Sarah what awaits thee is a bright bright future xxxxxxxx

  2. I knew Steve Buscemi had a little rat face but comon! This is great Sarah! You should do one of Nic Cage wearing a bee suit..

    "The BEEEEEEeeeeeeeeessssssss! Not the BBBBbbbbEEEeeeeeeesss!!"

  3. Ah Marianne, as always, thank you so, so much- you help ease a troubled mind!Genuinely, thank you so much...though what if your lover doesn't have a bed?! ;)

    Brian-thank you so much, what a brilliant comment! I think that is a FINE idea, just fine...or how about a buuny suit? He was really attatched to that bunny...!