Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm not the only artiste in the little brother is shockingly creative...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well the white man came, and killed off the Buffalo...

Our final project (*sob*) for our Style class is a write our own brief one, where we can do anything we want. So now I can finally do what I've been waiting two years for...NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS! I have decided to research Native American myths and legends and illustrate them! It's basically a chance for me to draw long haired men, animals and feathers! And...AND all on brown paper! I was thinking wood originally, but there will be at least nine A4 pictures, so it's not really practacal...

The legends and myths aren't too descriptive, so I'll be going for a picture that sums up the theme and tone of the story...either that or I'll succumb to painting them in a romance cover, Mills and Boon kinda way..!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Warren Ellis gets a special mention...

...because he was surprisingly sexy for a man who plays percussion and a violin...

Jesus of the Moon

I don't really talk about it a lot, but my boyfriend is a little known musician called Nick Cave.

I would watch him paint a wall...I would watch him watch paint dry on a wall.

He spoke to me on the 12th of october 2009 and I could have happily died afterwards...were it not for the fact that he's going to marry me soon...I want to be a Spring bride...Anyway, I'll save my A-Z as to why is SO above us mere mortals for a time when I'm not so cold and not so tired.

Here's a painting I did last year and a couple of photos from that enchanting night in October! He was so, so, so close...literally right above me! I really owe Cat and Suze for this though, because they worked really, really, REALLY hard at a job they hate so we could afford the tickets...they also took the photos as I tried, but spilled my drink all over myself...

I'm too cold to sleep.

I'm really wrecked, but I can't sleep when I'm so cold...boohoo-hoo! So I've decided to visit my dear bloggy. I only have a very odd, random range of work to scan in as my scanner is so sad that I got work scanned in at Reads (3.50 per A3 sheet, the robbing bastards) and once that's all up, I'll have to start repeating myself...

This work was for representational illustration and it nearly broke me because we had to be SO specific...which I hate...also my tutor kept telling me to add colouring pencil (which I also hate) to "pull out the shapes"...I also never considered spacing or placement...I just started painting.

We had to choose an organic object and I was seized by a special kind of insanity in that I decided to go with a prawn....I can't even bear a fish finger so I really don't know what I was thinking. But Pinchy changed all that...I suppose it was a type of stolkholm syndrome...I began to feel close to my captor. I also don't believe he was really dead, but that's a story for another night...


The beautiful Heli Hirvonen and her AMAZING work finally has a blog.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Take me out

As it is offically Saturday, we now come to the HIGHLIGHT of my week..."Take me Out" on ITV. A show where single women are all paraded out, made to stand at a buzzer and wait while a "sexy single" man is lowered (yes, lowered) onto the stage. If the girls doesn't like what she sees, she turns her buzzer...(the GENIUS catch phrase..."No like-y, no lighty) off. The "eligible bachelour" then decides what girl to pick from the remaining girls left...and there's nothing quite like seeing A) the DISGUST on the "Sexy bachelours" face as he realises all that's left is the girl with the glass eye or the wooden leg, B)those POOR girls actually HOPING they'd be picked by some uncouth, scurrilous excuse of a man and C) the girl who DOESN'T get picked...Glorious!

Though it's the last one in the serious tonight and I just don't know what I'll do without it...!D:

I'm just another snow man, standing in the rain and sleet

This was based on a word project where we had to do five illustrations based on a given word...mine was youth which made me want to cry. BOR-ING! Give me the ugly and the old any day. Anyway, I don't know why I'm putting these up, I HATED the project, HATED the finished piece and the whole thing was a mess...but I feel a bit sorry for them...little, terrible characters that are going nowhere. I decided to base my pictures on songs that had some relation to or contrast to the theme of youth. I thought I had planned it out quite carefully too, but I ended up doing it the night before and hadn't used watercolour since Jesus was a boy and had forgotten what to do...boohoo-hoo! They're the type of pictures I HATE .

The snowman is based on the super sexy Leonard Cohen (rawr) poem "A thousand kisses deep" doesn't REALLY relate to youth, it's mostly about an old man and how he can't kneel for his woman any more (depending on what version you read...), but it's one of my favourite poems ever and it was either illustrate the snowman or the "perfect porn aristrocrat"...I'm not sure what she'd look like, so I stuck with the snowman...
The crooked placement is just SUPERB!

Meh...I can't actually bear to put the other poor bastards up!

I had lost my mind

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want the new Daniel Johnston album that's just been released on vinyl! The cover is so cool and will fit nicely into my collection, somewhere between the Bakara and the Xanadu album covers! Daniel Johnston is amazing, absolutley amazing and his rhyming schemes are probally the best part of his work! Hopefully he won't kill anybody or be put away till sometime after the 3rd of April...because that's when I see him in concert!:D

My baby cares for the dead

I have done EVERYTHING today to avoid having to do any actual work...I just can't get into it at all, escpecially not my stupid I've been baking...talking to Max (not getting anything back, but that's ok)...baking some more...listening to a little Roy Orbninson...doing fuck all really! To continue on this delightful train of otiosity, I'm just going to post some more work from the summer...

These are a a few paper cut outs I did based on some of the the tombs in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. I've never seen such a beautiful place, it was just dreamy and strangely could almost forget about all the lividity and rigor mortis and rotting corpses.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I couldn't mention Chris and not mention Max... child dog. When he's not scared and when it's not dark he is the bravest dog in the world...the rest of the time...well I'm not going to lie, he struggles!
Also, I didn't name him...had I been allowed to I would have named him something REALLY Cheyenne...or Rolfie. I think he could be a Rolfie.

Chris and Fait

There's Chris and Cathy...another casual saturday, just hanging out...Chirs is a neuroscientist, but you wouldn't think it...and there's Cathy wearing the worlds largest hat...

I wish I was speciallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

I really love drawing's quite sad really...and I have hundreds of feather drawings...most of which I've lost...BUT thanks to my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD Mr.Christopher Whelan I do have this one...he helped salvage them and scanned this envelope in for me...I laaaaav him so!
I don't know what's happening to the oddball on the right...fading away it would seem.

My sister the Monster

Here's a quick painting I did over's quite shit as I wanted to try out some watercolour with balsa wood and I'd also gotten some really sweet paper I wanted to use... but I gave no thought as to how the paper would take the didn't really take at all and poor Cathy looks rather sickly...she's always been the weak one anyway, but this shows her in a particurly unflattering light...I was hoping for a Horst Janssen type feel (my FAVOURITE artist of all time) but just looks bad. About time though...the girl NEVER takes bad photo.:o

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Born To Lose

One of our briefs for Comic and Sequential art last year was to create a comic. Not a Graphic Novel or anything, just a little comic. It had to be black and white,we couldn't use any words and had to work A3. So obviously, a JOY to work on. We also had to write the story ourselves. I actually quite enjoyed working on this and would have enjoyed it even more had I not only gotten one actual page completed. It also didn't help that I lost my mind somewhere along the way and thought I'd use stipple....millions of tiny little dots...for shading. You'll notice how one character magically changes colour and becomes a black man when the shading goes that little bit too far...

Anyway, my story was called "Born To Lose" and to sum it up it's about a deadbeat loser called Davis who works with his father and brother in the family car sales business...they constantly humiliate and put him down and when the brother is found dead, Davis is thought to be the killer...he's not, but rather than deny it, he goes along with it because for the first time ever his father fears him and he associates that fear with respect...blahblahblah

Anyway, what can I say...I do love lifes losers.

The beautiful Karen Vaughan...

...and her fantastic work now has a blog!:D

I will sit like a bird on a wire, sing you songs with a happy ending

My very talented friends.

The beautiful Ms. Helen Carter!

The very talented Mike...also the most enthusiastc blogger I've seen...http://www.mikemartinart.blogspot/

Not only is Thomas talented, he is also looking for a wife!

Poor Karen has a cat that has no face.

Secrets travel fast in Paris

Ah Paris. So many good memories...also ladies, a word to the wise...a lot of men seem to enjoy to stalk naked in their apartments and you know what? They DON'T CLOSE THE BLINDS! Here are some sketches I did while staring out the window...(not all have been included...)

Come sit on my wall

I was forgetting the point of this blog was to try and promote my work in the hope that somebody might be interested in it and give me money and I could buy my work won't be in order and it's a bit random as I only have certain things scanned in...but whatever...just send the money in with a postcard...

This painting was for a college brief to illustrate a Rodari (Italys anwser to Hans Christian Anderson or so I'm told) story...I chose "Old Aunt Ada", the story of a lonely old lady who's family don't visit her ...her only friends are birds and when she dies the birds keep on coming around...cheery. I suppsoe the moral is this: Always visit your old relatives (especially the vunerable ones)...don't let the birds get what you're entitled to.

I had originally planned to paint an old woman surrounded by birds but I thought that idea was a bit too obvious so I ended up spray painting over an old net curtain and painting a tubby little bird on top.

Dear Bloggy...

My good friend, Ms. Shannen Hogan, was all for me calling this blog "Dear Bloggy..." But as I won't always be blogging about my crushes, it wouldn't have worked. Other names that were good, but didn't make it include :

  • " Now, I'm no Anne Frank..."
  • "I love PEN*S"
  • "I don't know whether to kill myself or go bowling"

Also, keep an eye out for my other good friend Karen Vaughans blog, "Ogle my Doodle".

Still not 100% sure how to blog...

...and I'll probally get bored of this soon and forget all about it...and a lot of things about this blog world confuse and scare me a, why would I label something "scooters"? Who would be blogging about scooters? And what's all this talk about blog members?! However, I do like to maybe it's not all bad. I also like Sailors...